Barong Bali - Medium Dark Roast Coffee

  • $15.00
100% of proceeds donated to Sidewalk Opera

Coffee Details

Roast: Medium Dark
Origin: Bali

This very special coffee comes from the volcanic region of Mount Agung in the Kintamani highlands on the island of Bali, Indonesia. The systems of irrigation used to water these plants were designed more than 1,000 years ago.

These cherished beans have a slight blue hue before they are roasted.

Our Organic Barong Bali Blue Moon specialty grade coffee is roasted Medium-Dark and features an overwhelmingly rich taste with syrupy dark chocolate notes, a creamy mouthfeel, and spiced finish.

Roaster Info

Our amazing coffee is sourced and roasted by Temecula Coffee Roasters based out of Temecula, California. Temecula Coffee Roasters is a women & family owned company that excels in the art of roasting and understands the importance of sourcing coffee beans from the most respected farms from all around the world that adhere to the highest level of fair trade standards. Every order is freshly roasted in small batches to ensure you receive your mind-blowing coffee at peak freshness!

Speciality Coffee Association Member 2021 National Coffee Association Member 2021

About Sidewalk Opera

Sidewalk Opera is a Durham, NC based nonprofit that believes music has a unique and invaluable power to touch lives. Because of this, they hope to increase the accessibility of music by bringing it directly to doorsteps and sidewalks in local communities. No concert tickets. No fees. Just music. That's their mission.

For the month of October, all proceeds will go towards providing music lessons and instruments for low-income families via the Sidewalk Opera Fund.

Our Green Initiative

947.2 lbs of Carbon Offset

Its incredibly important for us to be mindful of our carbon footprint so we've partnered with Cloverly to offset our carbon emissions from shipping. Cloverly estimates the amount of carbon emission based on where the shipment is sent from to where it arrives and we donate the estimated cost to offset our footprint. 

These contributions meet accepted standards for being real, measurable, verifiable, permanent, and additional. "Additional" means that the carbon savings would not have happened without the offset project and that the project would not have happened unless it got certified to sell carbon offsets. 


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